The Closet Sinner

This is for the closet sinner. They, who, are meek and righteous on the outside. Whose shells are unbroken and their flesh looks tamed.

The closet sinner: who is weak once alone, who is sick, when a loner.

I think of these set of believers as a mirror effect of the society: Self-righteous, whose validation is adherence without understanding. Who please man and in the absence of man displease GOD and the spirit of truth.

It also includes those who have been caged, confined and never explained to “why their paths don’t need to meet corruption”.

They are those who want to know why: “Why did GOD say eat not the fruit”? “Why is there a fruit if we can’t eat”? “What does the fruit taste like”? “Well the fruit looks good, you know”! “I see it is fine to do this, just a little wouldn’t hurt”.

The closet sinner is judge of character: by them, others feel condemned to sin and by others, they know how much they inwardly long to sin, freely.

However, the closet sinner is proof of the conscience sector. Perhaps, this sect are those who are aware of what the judgement of GOD is on the idea of sin, what the sentence of heaven is on the period and command of sin upon the verdict of the human nature.

For those who know that “what is wrong is wrong” – and no matter what the world says or how popular it is or how right it is painted to be, it is still wrong – but are, in themselves, plagued by that very wrong doing, they are closet sinners.

It is also why they run away, disillusioned at how the world can all be wrong, knowing that it is wrong and still say to itself “we might be right if we say we are”.

The closet sinner is weak because they know but they do not do as they know.

They have eaten the fruit and they know that which is good and what is evil and they are in a dilemma because they – in corruption of heart – wish to do that which is evil even if it is so devastating.

Sometimes, the closet sinner is helpless: In their very decision is the battle of good and what is not good.

You can call it the Armageddon between JESUS and the adversary, between truths and what is real… Oops 🤔between “what is truth” and “what appears true” but isn’t.

The closet sinner is ashamed because they have done what the world shouldn’t see because the deed should not be done.

To be Continued

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